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Monday, November 19, 2012

resource summary

Children are affected by what they watch on television.  Television wasn’t much of a media effect during the 1930’s and 40’s because radio was where people got there information from.  Shows like I Love Lucy and The Ed Sullivan Show are just a few of the shows that started the transformation from radio being people’s favorite and television became every ones favorite. Families began to buy televisions so educated their children.  Over time children have become accustom to television.  Children start at a early age at watching television, usually around 5 hours a day.  It has become the prominent media activity in children’s lives.  John Murray is arguing that television is affecting people lives negatively.  The messages and ads that are featured on television sets have consumers of media so interested into the violence in media.  He uses the example of a child speechlessly watching an action pact movie on television and is amazed at what he sees.  To back up his claim, he mentions studies that have been done to prove that media violence on television is increasing and is affecting the United States as a whole.  This article discusses media violence is shown so much on television that its hard for children not to be influenced by it.  Another point is that the world is allowing this media violence to be shown on television without anyone saying anything.  The things children see on television, they are going to try and replica that.  Children spend almost seven hours a day watching television.  Over a two year span, nearly 900,000 hours of television had some form of violence in their programs.  Children learn how to deal with problems in more of an aggressive manner because of violence portrayed in media.
Since the creation of television people have received messages from it.  Television highly influences the viewers of it.  Individuals are effected differently than others are while viewing television.  Television has major influences on people in general but especially children.  Children are highly influenced to take part in the messages that are on television.  The youth soak in all of the good and bad messages that are on television.  Television violence is destroying children's minds at an early ages.  It is effecting children in negative ways and enabling them of growing to their full potential.  Children's perception on the world are also ruined because of television violence.
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